Kubuntu (KDE/Plasma) or Ubuntu (Gnome)?

Yo, I can’t decide between these two. Ubuntu or Kubuntu. Below there are 5 screenshots of them. Please tell me, what do find is better?

Please comment below and tell me what you think. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Kubuntu (KDE/Plasma) or Ubuntu (Gnome)?

  1. It honestly depends on your personal preference, doesn’t it? Because in the end, the person who will be looking at your screen the most, is yourself.

    If you love them both, so can’t decide which one to pick, why don’t you set up a script that generates a random number (or roll a dice. Maybe flip a bottle each time you start up your PC and if it lands, you do Kubuntu), and by that pick which one you’ll use that day. (Dual-boot)

    Then again, the thing that makes Linux better than anything else on the market, is customisibility. I use Windows because drivers, and I really like a flat, dark look, so I installed Numix for Windows. But it isn’t nearly as smooth as Linux’s Numix theme! But my point being, you could just combine the best of both into 1 OS. And that call it FUbuntu, because freaky.

    • Well I wouldn’t want a dice to decide. I wanna stick with one cuz, I don’t wanna have to set up two window managers, even on two PCs. I’d have a lot of work. Also I just wanna optimize one.

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